4 Ways YOU Can Help Ensure Your Printed Circuit Board Assembly Delivers on Time

And 5 Things WE Promise to Do to Make that Happen!

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Delivering your printed circuit board assembly or box build on time is crucial to the success of your project—and your business. We get that! And, we know it is extremely frustrating to be told one thing and then find out too late that your deadline needs to be pushed back. 

You shouldn’t have to deal with missed deadlines.

Missing a deadline is unacceptable in our eyes. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering on time, on budget and on spec. When working on a PCB assembly project, we consider ourselves an extension of your engineering and design team, so your success is our success. We work together with you to meet or exceed your expectations.

How can YOU help?

Over the past 30+ years, we have discovered four specific things that YOU can do to help ensure your project stays on track and delivers on time.

1. Share as Much Information as Possible:

The more information you can provide, the better—both in the beginning stages and as the project progresses. This includes drawings, Bill of Materials, all related files, and any other details we request throughout the project.

2. Review Everything:

It is essential that you closely review all specs and engineering details we share with you.

3. Respond Quickly:

Once you have reviewed materials each time we share something, your quick response will ensure the project stays on track.

4. Keep the Lines of Communication Open:

We cannot stress it enough…we are a team! When a project begins, that does not mean we head off to do our thing and come back at the end with a finished product. We will communicate with you on a regular basis, and we are looking for the same from you. 

If you’re working on a project now, take a minute to share a few details with us by requesting a free project review or snapshot analysis of your project.

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How do WE ensure your PCB assembly delivers on time?

In another blog post, we address the importance of having a combination of both experience AND flexibility in the manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies. This unique combination of skill and innovation allows us to serve our customers and meet their deadlines. 

Here are five things we do to ensure that happens:

1. Avoid Long Lead Times:

We work with our supplier vendors to shorten lead times to meet customer demands, or when necessary, find alternate components (with customer approval) to avoid long lead times in sourcing and production.

2. Offer Design, Engineering and Sourcing Assistance:

We help you solve potential issues and help design for manufacturability, which speeds up the process in sourcing and/or building.

3. Expand Capacity as Needed:

We often operate on one shift (with a floating schedule), but we have the capacity to run a complete second shift with a full management team and employees in order to meet deadlines. 

4. Utilize More than One Equipment Line:

We have multiple equipment lines (that we own) to handle larger capacity projects, and we work overtime if needed to hit a customer due date.

5. Expedite When Necessary:

We can expedite builds through the shop and strategize ways to reduce lead time with our customers.

A successful PCB assembly project requires a smart manufacturer and an involved customer. When both come together as a team, it’s practically guaranteed that a build will be on time and on budget. 

Ready to get started? 

Are you looking to improve your printed circuit board assembly or box build? Or maybe you’re in the early stages of a new product design? If so, request a free project review today, and we’ll reach out to you to learn more about your project.

If you’re not quite ready for a full quote, try a free “Snapshot Analysis” of your current board or initial drawings. We’ll take a look and give you our thoughts based on more than 100 years of combined experience. 

In the end, quality is our focus. We hope to hear from you soon.

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