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    With QualTech you're getting both!


    Our strengths are in our ability to be flexible, fast, efficient, and offer a full service shop for all of our customers’ needs. Whether you need items repaired, tested, designed, or need to borrow a top quality engineer for a day, QualTech is your solution.


    Quality starts with communication, so we listen to our customers from the moment they contact us, until their order is in the field, meeting or exceeding all expectations. Quality and customer satisfaction are not rhetoric here. They are elements of a philosophy that allows us to save your business time and money.

  • Circuit Board Assembly You Can Trust

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    Printed Circuit Board Design & Assembly

    While many of our customers know exactly what they need and bring with them all the specs, drawings and prototypes, some desire a more consultative approach. Our flexibility in PCB design and assembly provides the expertise you need to get exactly what you want.

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    Efficiency in PCB Assembly

    Time is like money, and we don’t waste either! The old adage that you can pick two: Speed, Quality, or Price, but you can’t have them all. We disagree. Why can’t you expect a quality end product, in a reasonable timeframe, at a good price?

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    Printed Circuit Board Repair Services

    Often times retrofitting or updating existing products can be cost effective in comparison to producing new products. If you have inventory of old boards or units that are still usable in the field with upgrades or repair, we offer those services as well. We look to be an extension of your engineering department, and if that means helping maintain your current inventory instead of replacing with new products, we’re happy to help.

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    What Does a PCB Assembly Cost?

    8 Things that Could Affect the Cost of Your PCB Assembly


    Download this free e-book to gain a full understanding of what goes into the cost of a custom circuit board assembly.


    5 Steps to Your Custom Circuit Board Assembly!

    BOARD - An acronym that effectively explains the proven process we have developed to ensure you get exactly what you need with your custom circuit board assembly - from simple to complex…a few components to hundreds!




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