• Need Printed Circuit Board Custom Engineering Services?

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    You have an idea...we have a solution!

    Have an idea or are you interested in re-engineering an existing product? 

    We can help. 

    Our experienced engineering team will work with you to reverse-engineer and/or re-engineer a product to make it more efficient, improve its design for manufacturability, or address other issues.

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    Here's how we can help...

    • Expertise in Design for Manufacturability - “designing for manufacturability” means understanding the actual manufacturing of the build beyond just the functionality alone. Why is this important? Designing a product that can be manufactured efficiently and repeatedly helps to reduce costs and shorten lead times. Designing a board and/or product that can be built efficiently and economically is the practice of a very good contract manufacturer.

    • Reverse Engineering - oftentimes necessary to update a legacy board or to discover ways to improve upon an existing product.

    • New Product Introduction (NPI) - having the structure and capability to do both prototyping (short-run production) and full production, as well as the knowledge and experience to do it well.

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    What Does a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Cost?

    8 Things that Could Affect the Cost of Your PCB Assembly


    Download this free e-book to gain a full understanding of what goes into the cost of a custom circuit board assembly.

  • PCB Assembly & Manufacturing

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    The basics - anything built onto a PCB board.

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    The assembly process involving enclosure fabrication, installation of sub-assemblies and components, and installation and routing of cabling or wiring harnesses.

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    A low-volume manufacturing service to support your product development needs.

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    Every assembly we build, service or repair goes through our Test Department to ensure top quality and reliability.

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    We specialize in 3D printed parts for your prototype or assembly using our in-house printers.

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