• You just want what you’ve asked for - on time and on budget. That shouldn’t be so difficult, right? Well, we agree.

    Most engineers and project leads get frustrated with printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers because they often over-promise and under-deliver. Our simple, transparent 5-step process helps remove the stresses and unknowns of custom PCB design and production, so you can feel confident you’ll get what you need when you need it.


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    What Does a PCB Assembly Cost?

    8 Things that Could Affect the Cost of Your PCB Assembly.


    Download this free e-book to gain a full understanding of what goes into the cost of a custom circuit board assembly.


    5 Steps to Your Custom Circuit Board Assembly

    BOARD - An acronym that effectively explains the proven process we have developed to ensure you get exactly what you need with your custom circuit board assembly - from simple to complex…a few components to hundreds!




    Baseline Information



    Optimal Solution



    Alignment with the Customer



    Ready Production



    Deliver & Delight

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  • Circuit Board Assembly Tools & Resources

    Our goal is to share helpful information about printed circuit boards and circuit board assembly, so you can make the best decision for your particular situation.

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