• Join the Circuit Board Craftmasters - Become Our Next Solder Sizzler!

    Hey there! Qualtech Technologies here - we're an electronic manufacturing company in Willoughby, Ohio looking for awesome people to join our team.


    We work with all sorts of cool industries making electronic gadgets and gizmos. Our customers count on us to deliver quality products, and we count on our team members to make it happen.


    That's where you come in! We need a talented Electronic Solder Technician who can handle delicate circuit board assembly and make those solder joints sparkle. It's intricate work, but so rewarding when you see your handiwork come to life.


    As our Electronic Solder Technician, you'll:

    • Prep components, assemble circuits, solder connections - bring those PCB designs to life!
    • Perform meticulous hand soldering and touch-ups - craftsmanship is key!
    • Inspect solder joints, ensure they meet quality standards - gotta get it right!
    • Follow assembly drawings and instructions like a pro - attention to detail is a must!

    To shine in this role, you'll need:

    • High school diploma or GED - basic education is a necessity!
    • Ability to interpret drawings and specifications - gotta know your stuff!
    • At least 2 years experience with soldering - show us your skills!
    • Knowledge of electronic components - bonus points if you're a tech wiz!
    • Computer savvy with Windows - we love technical aptitude!

    We offer great pay plus benefits like paid time off (PTO), insurance and more!


    We're looking for team players who are precise, reliable, and passionate about quality.


    If you geek out over circuit boards and soldering irons, this could be your dream job!

  • Send us your cover letter and resume.

    Click below to send us an email. Be sure to include a cover letter and your resume. We want to know right away if you're a good fit!